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How to DIY Your Wedding Photo Booth

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

As you’re planning your reception entertainment, you shouldn’t overlook the fun and ease of a DIY photo booth. Photo booths are a great way for guests to have fun and create their own favors, while also giving you great photos of your closest friends and family enjoying your wedding.

Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes. You can certainly hire a photo booth to come to your event or even rent a ring light and camera combo. You can also keep it simple with a selfie stick, creative background, and fun props.

Whichever way you choose to capture the moments, you can easily create a beautiful backdrop perfect for your wedding theme and decor. Here are our top tips for a DIY photo booth.

Lighting is Key

Great lighting is the key to any good photo. You should be especially mindful of your lighting if your party will last well into the night. You can rent lighting equipment or even buy your own ring light for that perfect glow. If you’re having a daytime party, then natural lighting is best. Try to have your photo booth facing a window or even outdoors.

Of course, lighting can also be fun! Hang fairy lights down your backdrop for a romantic setting, or even purchase a custom novelty lamp to up the fun. You can also create your own light garlands with this printable garland decor.

Plan Your Props

What would a photo booth be without fun props? There are tons of wedding prop ideas available for you to buy and print yourself, as well as easy DIY props. Consider what works with your theme and include things that are personal to you. For example, pet photos can make a great prop!

Build a Backdrop

Finally, you’ll want a beautiful backdrop for your guests to post in front of. If you’re having an outdoor wedding then mother nature may be the perfect setting for you! You can also dress up the space with lights, decorative furniture, or aspects of your wedding theme.

If you’re planning an indoor bash, just make sure the photo booth is somewhere it won’t interrupt the flow of traffic or the dancefloor. Simple fabrics can make a great backdrop, as can floral or greenery arrangements. Add some style with your wedding colors, novelty lights, or hanging decor and garlands.

Once you have your photo booth planned, consider trying it out at home! Not only is it fun for you, but you can nail down your arrangement and lighting well before the ceremony so there’s no scramble to set up.

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