What brings you joy? What bring me the most joy apart from seeing my kids laughing and being happy and healthy is seeing our brides and grooms having their dream weddings come true. Every single wedding is a testimony of true love, every single wedding is a fairy tale come true and every single couple deserves to have the best day of their lives. That is why, we show up and do the hard and sometimes tedious work because we love seeing happy and sometimes crying faces (out of joy of course), because we truly believe that the castle is a magical place. We feel honoured to host your most special day in your life and you bet we will make the the best food, drinks and give the best service that we can. 


Are there going to be hiccups on your big day? To be honest, yes there may be; Dad of the bride may forget to bring his navy blue tie or floral place may forget to send the flowers for the cake or maid of honour could announce the bar opening to be an hour earlier than planned. What happens then? We will give it everything that we have to fix things no matter what it takes (being lawful of course). Ten minutes before the ceremony, I drove across town to boutique to buy that father the navy blue tie. After the ceremony we repurposed the signing table flowers to decorate the cake and you bet we will put as many people on the bar as needed to get it going ahead of the schedule. We can work double digit hours, we can run around like chickens with heads cut off (sorry for that image) "rescuing" any unexpected situations that comes your/our way, we can not sleep at night we are both overly excited and exhausted but one thing we won't do is we will never let you down. If you are asking if those things really happened yes, but you know what? It keeps us on our toes and in the end you, the bride and groom, may not even know about all these things happening because they have all been taken care of. When you are having a wedding at the castle, you are part of the family and family takes care of family. 

Available 2022 

May 28 ❤ Jul 16

Wedding Venue

Unique castle weddings & events venue in Manitoba 



Overlooking the Castle, under the intricate white iron gazebo in the lovenly-tended-to garden host your dream wedding


The Transparent Tent

The gorgeous transparent tent features chandeliers, romantic ceiling drapery together with cross-back chairs, rustic tables and wooden floors makes it a perfect reception venue for weddings of up to 120 guests


Bridal & Grooms Suites

With five suites on the second and third floors, all your most important guests can book and stay at the castle to spend your biggest day with you


Courtyard Patio

Nested under the trees Bella's Patio is the perfect place for cocktail hour after the ceremony or reception itself 


Venue Fee

Best bang for your buck with personable service, amazing food and best deposit policy in the province




The following dates we have weddings booked.



May 21 ❤ Jenna & Ren

May 23 ❤ Jenessa & Tanner

Jun 4 ❤ Private Wedding

Jun 11 ❤ Candice & Chandler

Jun 16 ❤ Theresa & Emeka (tentative)
Jun 18 ❤ Michelle & Thomas
Jun 25 ❤ Brigitte & Scott

Jul 2 ❤ Itsy (tentative)
Jul 9 ❤ Sinikka & Kevin

Jul 15 ❤ Christine & Jarred

Jul 23 ❤ Carmen & Paul

Jul 30 ❤ Lisa & Neil

Aug 6 ❤ Kasey & Keota
Aug 12 ❤ Taylor (tentative)
Aug 13 ❤ Morgan & Zane

Aug 20 ❤ Kimberly & Carl

Sep 3 ❤ Elijah & Liz

Sep 9 ❤ Lisa & Viny 

Sep 10 ❤ Cierra & Chris

Sep 17 ❤ Jordan & Eli
Sep 22 ❤ Bethany & Brandyn
Sep 24 ❤ Amy & Garrett

Sep 25 ❤ Erica & Kyle

Oct 1 ❤ Brandee & Keely

Oct 2 ❤ Jordi & Edward



Aug 19 â¤ Noah & Hannah

Sep 2 ❤ Stephanie & Mackenzie



Outdoor garden ceremony
Gorgeous transparent tent with ability to open all the sides 
Courtyard patio for cocktail hour or reception


With in house catering, bartending, decor and speaker rental, all you need to bring is yourselves

You also have an option of bringing your own caterer, cake and liquor

With on location, bridal suite + 4 guest suites, your wedding party or important guests will always be nearby on your big day


With no minimum guest count, with two weeks notice, you can adjust the guest number: 2 to 90 people (110 people during non-Covid times)

With three months notice you can change your wedding date to later day that year or push to the next year


Service like no other. From day one, you will have access to the chef and event planner who will help you design your menu and other details of your big day

No other wedding venue offers the deposit refund. If the wedding in canceled, we offer deposit refund is gift cards form (minus 100 dollars administrative fees) which can be used in our restaurant or B&B


Last but not least, the rustic furniture, beautiful tended gardens and of course the only wedding venue in Manitoba with a castle backdrop

Morden Research station is a stunning location for photos (within 3 minutes drive)

If you like water scenes, you can take pictures are the Lake Minnewasta (within 5 minutes drive)

Why Choose Us?

What do brides & parents say?

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 4.22.18 AM.png

"When searching for a venue that would fit with our fairytale vision, I came across Bella's Castle and scheduled a tour of the property. I was very surprised during my meeting with Lily the owner how personable she was and how she treated me as a friend rather than a potential client and I knew that this was where I had to have my wedding. The whole wedding process was made so easy with the help of Lily as she literally felt like my own wedding planner! She was very quick to give me recommendations and even helped me decide: my hair and makeup, photographer and musician which took so much stress off of me as a bride. The venue was an amazing value for the money, with a decor package add on that took care of most things without needing to find additional vendors and even the basics such as their chairs for outside ceremony and iron arch seemed high quality.


My guests loved staying at the venue before the wedding as it had many unique artifacts and it truly felt like we were in an old fashioned Hallmark movie! Chef Laurie was great to work with and the venue having their own catering was such a treat as we really did get a package deal with how easy it was to plan things. We had vegetarian requests that were easily met and our wedding meal was delicious (being a chef I am usually like Gordon Ramsay reviewing food haha). Lastly, I think my favorite part of my wedding here was the photography, we had so many great spots for princess like shots of my gown such as their staircase and on the throne chairs of the third floor suite. Lily even followed our photographer and took photos herself of us to have before our proofs came back which was so thoughtful! You could really tell that having a wedding at Bella's Castle was not just a business opportunity but a passion project as Lily and her husband really did go above and beyond to make sure my guests and I had a great weekend and Disney from home castle experience."


Lauren & Cory
Winnipeg, MB

“We had our wedding at Bella’s Castle in October of 2020! With everything this year has throw at us we ended up having to change our wedding venue only 5 days before our wedding. Lily was incredibly accommodating and so helpful with our venue switch! The venue itself is incredible and it truly was a magical day! I would definitely recommend booking the bridal suite for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready in! It was so cute! It felt like we originally had planned to have our wedding at Bella’s Castle! The whole day went very smooth, and Lily and the staff at Bella’s were so helpful! I would highly recommend!!”


Chelsea & Dane
Winnipeg, MB



Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 4.07.43 AM.png

"Bella's Castle hosted my daughter's wedding last week. I was very impressed with the staff and the food. Everything was excellent. Victoria was fantastic and helped make it a great evening."


Kahlan & Heungchul
Winnipeg, MB