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There is no better way to explore Morden than to just go for a walk on the Stephen Street, exactly where Bella's Castle is located. Within few minutes of walking you would get to the city center, where you can enjoy visiting the art gallery, boutique shopping or having a cup of coffee at the most popular local coffee shops.

Morden is surrounded by lots of natural beauty and many ways to enjoy it. Below are a few attractions that we love and would like to introduce you too.

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Threshmernts Museum (1 of 1)

We have one of the best golf courses in Manitoba. Even for those who are not into this sport, Minnewasta Golf & Country Club is a beautiful place to have lunch or dinner in the Summer. You can choose to sit outside and enjoythe beautiful sunshine and scenery.

Every Summer, we spend a lot of time at the lake. It is very family friendly environment. Part of the lake is a beach where you can enjoy suntanning or swimming with your family and another part is reserved for boating, fishing and other water sports.

You might of thought that drive-in theatres are extinct now, actually, ours is not only still operating, we have just upgraded our equipment and can show newest movies like any other movie theatre except for you can enjoy your popcorn and snacks in the comfort of your own car or back of a pick-up truck.

Speaking of extinct, here you can really find exctinct creatures from millions of years ago. We are all very proud of Bruce, the Mosasaur, who was found near the lakes here. 13 meters long, Bruce got into the World Guinness Records for World's longest publicly exhibited mosasaur.

Want to learn about the history of this area? Come see the railway station and other historical buildings that have been moved from downtown Morden. On special days, Threshermens Museum keeps our heritage alive, by having actors dressing and acting as you went back in time. 

One of the greatest things about living in the country is to be able to be closer to the nature. Go for a trail ride in the fields around Morden and Winkler and experience the Prairies from a different angle.

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